New Digital Craft develops and realizes products for a sustainable future in construction.

“We bring craftsmanship back on the building site in an affordable and sustainable way”

New Digital Craft is offering the following services & products:

- Individual Design & Production Services
- 3D Printed Functional Shading & Light Guiding Facade Solutions  
- 3D Printed Formwork Solutions
- Low Carbon Concrete  
- 3D Printed Space Dividers & Large Format Screens 

- 3D Printed Tiles
- 3D Printing Service  
- Architecture 
- Art Production & Consultancy 

Selected works and projects: 

Space Dividers

Interior solution by NDC in cooperation with DEAURO.
Market-ready and developed for an extended life cycle.

Digitally manufactured concrete staircase
To be installed within “STEP2” at Empa´s NEST in Zurich.
Realization planned for 2023.

Low Carbon Concrete
“How much longer can we responsibly use concrete based on cement?” 

New Digital Craft is future proof through the use of new binder solutions that replace the CO2 intensive cement without compromising on quality and strength. Besides 80% C02 saving compared to ordinary Portland cement clinker production, the advantages are at hand and very convincing for our concrete & mortar applications from today on.

Multifunctional, translucent 3D printed facade
Product development with Prof. Dr. Moritz Mungenast & Luc Morroni.

Smart Concrete Wall

Developed and build 2018 during the time at NOWlab Innovation in Berlin.         

Favorite Place

Project in development designed by NDC in cooperation with DEAURO.
Under construction.

High-end formwork solutions NDC is part of the “STEP2” Unit at Empa´s NEST in Zurich.
Realization of the digitally manufactured concrete staircase planned for 2023.


New Digital Craft
Jörg Petri (Founder)

M +49 171 5899822

Emil-Maier-Straße 16
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